Children's Album

The 28-minute film from Natalia Ervits is a recording of Tchaikovsky’s Piano Album, played by the well-known pianist Mikhail Mordvinov https://www.mordvinov.org/ released in March 2023 on the new Berlin label Medium Coeli
https://audioproduction.berlin/mediumcoeli-de/ and here, in interaction with the painting by the sand artist Polina Sayfudinova
https://linasand.art/performance, becomes a music film. A new story emerges between the picture and the music, bringing Tchaikovsky’s pictures from the children’s room to life.




Children`s Album (Film)

Release 27.04.2023


We see the hands of the painter as she creates her motifs and at the same time the hands of the pianist Mikhail Mordvinov as he interprets the cycle musically. The sand pictures are transformed into a kind of animation that comes alive with small effects such as the falling snow or the stars that gradually light up in the sky. Sometimes the music merges with the painting, sometimes they alternate. Each time, a new dimension is created that lies beyond sound and image: the children’s room, where the cycle by P. I. Tchaikovsky takes place. The children wake up in the early winter morning and immerse themselves in their fantasy world. The boy plays with the soldiers and his rocking horse, the girl gets a new doll that gets sick and dies. They listen to music, they play and dance and in the evening their nanny tells a fairy tale about the Baba Yaga, they fall asleep and we see the images from their dreams.

Sooner or later, many children who take piano lessons play pieces from Tchaikovsky’s children’s album. However, the lyrical miniatures, which are mostly accessible to very young musicians and seemingly simple, require particular caution and the full perfection of a concert pianist. The cycle tells – similar to Schumann’s „Children’s Scenes“ – about the daily routine of a child. But one could perhaps also discover a deeper background here, which symbolizes a person’s path through life from birth to death.


Review by the Pizzicato Magazin!

We are selected for the 17 June 2023 Christian Online Film Festival – 69th COLFF!

We are selected for the Accolade Global Film Competition!

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Klavier: Mikhail Mordvinov


Natalia Ervits

director, audio recording, video editing, effects

Mikhail Mordvinov


Polina Sayfudinova

sand artist

Denes Gottschalk

piano camera